Top 7 applications for affordable airfare: catering to both business and leisure travel.

The article outlines money-saving travel apps for both business and leisure travelers, including TravelPerk and Kayak for Business for corporate travelers, and for Business and Orbitz for leisure travelers.

The content discusses the importance of saving money on travel, especially for businesses managing corporate flights. It highlights three top apps for business travel: TravelPerk, Kayak for Business, and for Business, emphasizing features like extensive flight inventory, integrated travel policies, and reporting capabilities. For leisure travelers, four apps are recommended: Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline, focusing on features such as flexible travel dates, rewards programs, and best price guarantees. The content stresses the significance of using dedicated corporate travel management apps for businesses to streamline processes, save time, and ensure compliance.

What are the key features of TravelPerk?

The key features of TravelPerk include:

  1. Access to an extensive flight inventory
  2. Incorporate travel policies into the booking process
  3. FlexiPerk for protected last-minute changes
  4. Ability to manage and book all aspects of business travel from within one platform

What features does Kayak for Business offer for corporate travelers?

Key features of Kayak for Business for corporate travelers include:

  1. Access to corporate flight rates
  2. Integrated travel policies as part of the flight search
  3. Hacker Fares for potential savings on travel costs
  4. Tracking travel spend
  5. Streamlined approval process

What are the key features of for Business?

The key features of for Business include:

  1. Free usage of the app
  2. Access to over 150 airlines, including low-cost carriers
  3. Reporting capabilities to help reduce corporate travel spend
  4. AI personalization tailoring flight preferences
  5. 24/7 access to customer support

What features does Orbitz offer for individual leisure travelers?

Key features of Orbitz for individual leisure travelers include:

  1. Free-to-join rewards program
  2. Opportunity to earn frequent flyer miles
  3. Flexible dates option for identifying cheaper flights
  4. Earning “Orbucks” with each flight booking, redeemable for hotel bookings

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